The Wayhas of Walker’s Run series, Book Two

Widowed wolfan, Rafe Wyatt is lucky not to be road kill. He’s also bare-ass naked after shifting into his human form to assist Grace Olsen—the lively, human female who wrecked her car instead of running him over. Owing her his life, Rafe becomes Grace’s guardian during her extended stay within the wolf pack’s territory. 

Grace has lived all over the world, but has never had a real hometown. Being stranded in an idyllic, close-knit Appalachian community gives her a glimpse into what her life could be like if she settled down—and she likes what she sees. Especially the gruff, sexy mechanic who seems to be at her beck and call. 

When a bitter pack member draws Rafe and Grace into a life-or-death fight, Rafe must draw upon the primal beast within to defeat the deranged wolfan. Overwhelmed by the ordeal, Grace is deeply wounded by Rafe’s deception about his true nature. But time is running short. If Grace doesn’t regain her faith in Rafe soon, the tender, ethereal bond between them will wither and die, destroying their last chance for true love ever after.


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