(Wayhas of Walker’s Run series, Book One)

Awaken by the Wolf Kristal HollisFor Cassie Albright, discovering werewolves do exist isn’t as terrifying as knowing that the naked wolfman in her bedroom is about to derail her future. Desperate to overcome her impoverished upbringing, Cassie is determined to finish her college education–her first step toward becoming a successful, independent business owner. And she’ll be damned before she lets Hell or high water or the Devil disguised as the sexy, wealthy, Brice Walker muck things up. 

Returning to his pack after five years of exile, Brice Walker isn’t expecting to find a stubborn, human female sleeping in his old room. Nor is he prepared for the mating urge her scent triggers. As the reality of finding his true mate burrows into his being, he’ll defy his powerful, Alpha father for the right to claim her and face a deadly enemy to protect her. But Brice’s greatest challenge will be convincing Cassie that he isn’t her downfall, but her destiny. 

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