A shifter finds his soul mate…

Ronni Lyles and her son are just settling into their new pack when her dead husband’s brother comes to claim them. Bodie Gryffon is looking for a safe place to raise his daughter—a raven-shifter, just like him. What begins as a purely practical alliance turns passionate. But Ronni senses that Bodie has a secret—one that could force him to make a painful choice.

I’m so excited about book 4 in the Wahyas of Walker’s Run series. This is the story I’ve wanted to write since the beginning. And, I’m over the moon the with this cover.



“Let’s make a deal.” Bodie lifted his gaze. “I’ll play your boyfriend until the situation with Jeb is resolved. But whether or not you agree to the deal, if I see that he’s harassing you, I will step in to end it. That’s nonnegotiable.”

“You’re a terrible dealmaker,” Ronni said. “That deal is all one-sided.”

“I’m not finished.” Bodie pushed aside his empty plate. “You have to give me a real chance at winning you over.”

“You can’t be serious.” Ronni’s heart thumped an extra beat.

“See this?” Both of his index fingers pointed at his face. All traces of humor were gone. His dark brows slashed down savagely over eyes, now devoid of all humor. The tightness in his jaw sharpened the angles of his cheeks into blades. And determination set his firm, masculine mouth like granite. “This is my serious face.”

It certainly was.

“I fully intend for us to explore that spark between us.”

“There is no spark.” She took a sip of her iced tea and managed to slurp nearly all of it down.

“Then what is it?” A quiver of a smile ghosted his tight lips.

An inferno? “Barely a flicker.” She waved her hand dismissively.

Laughter erupted from Bodie’s chest. Deep and rich and vibrant, it reverberated through her like a tribal drumbeat.

“Challenge accepted.” Locking his gaze on her, Bodie extended his hand. “Do we have a deal?”

“No, we don’t have a deal.” Ronni tucked her fingers beneath her crossed arms just in case her body had other ideas.

“Chicken.” He said the word so softly, she almost missed it.

“Trust me. I am not a chicken.”

Bodie actually began clucking.

Well, that was all it took for her wolf instinct to take over and when she regained her senses Bodie was shaking her treacherous hand.

Tugging Ronni to her feet, he kept a firm grip on her hand as they strolled toward Mabel, who was sitting at the cash register, grinning like a fiend.

“Everything was delicious,” he told her while paying.

“You two lovebirds come back anytime.” Mabel winked.

“Oh, we’re not—” Ronni didn’t finish that sentence because Bodie pulled her outside. “Look, about our deal.”

“Too late to retract it. We shook hands.” Mirth danced in Bodie’s eyes a half-second before he tangled her in his arms, slanted his mouth over hers and kissed her. Softly at first, waiting for her to open.

Which of course she did because her body happily remembered the last kiss and was eager for more of the same.

His hand trailed down her back to grip her ass, hauling her tight against him. Fingers laced behind his neck, she gave in to his quickening pace. His tongue explored and claimed, branding her with the tastes of sweet tea, apple pie and red-hot desire. Funny how chill bumps began to dot her skin even though she was burning up. She rose on her toes, giving as good as she got.

Suddenly, Bodie tore his mouth away. “And now, we’ve seal the deal with a kiss.”

“What?” Ronni said, feeling discombobulated and a little unsteady on her feet as the lustful fog began to lift from her brain.

“We don’t have to jump into bed together right away.”

“Are you insane?” Smacking her palms flat against his chest, she shoved away from him.

“Oh, well if you’re all for it, so am I.” Playfully, Bodie caught her arm. “How soon can we start?”

A flood of hormones unleashed a very real desire that had nothing to do with the effects of a full moon. Especially since it was still a couple of weeks away.

“Look, I don’t need any more complications in my life.” Ronni ignored the riotous uproar going on internally.

“Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. Boy and girl have wild, crazy, sweaty sex.” Bodie’s ridiculously broad smile was infuriating. “It can’t get any more complicated than that.”

Oh yes. Yes, it could.


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