Summer reads! What better reads to take to the beach with you than…werewolves?!

They definitely liven up any get together or adventure!

Check out Awakened by the Wolf. Book one in a brand new series!

Who’s been sleeping in the Alpha’s bed?

Exiled from his pack by his father, Brice Walker has secretly come home to visit his ailing grandmother only to discover a human and very desirable female sleeping in his bed. Their attraction is instant. But his new bed buddy seems determined to resist his Southern charm and Alpha allure.

For Brice, fiercely independent Cassie not only represents a chance to build a new life in Walker’s Run but is also his one true mate. Cassie’s reluctance dissolves when a rogue shifter kidnaps her, and now she and Brice must work together to save his pack. But once she witnesses the savagery of wolfan justice, can Cassie accept Brice as man, beast and her true love?


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An Excerpt!

The car jostled over deep potholes in the washed out road. Through the thick nest of trees, Cassie glimpsed a farmhouse. While Hadler’s attention focused on not driving them into a ravine, she shoved open the car door and jumped.

She slammed into a ditch, pain searing her shoulder. Seconds later, the car careened to a stop.

Cassie rolled to her feet and ran for her life. The soft soil beneath her sneakers grabbed at her feet, and the muscles in her legs strained to propel her forward.

In one week, Cassie had ended up right where she started. Being chased by a wolfman.

I’m coming, Cas. Do whatever you can to stay safe. I will find you. I promise.”

Cassie shook Brice’s imagined voice from her mind. This wasn’t the time to succumb to delusions. She wove through a thicket of trees. Sapling limbs snagged bits of her hair, yanking strands from her scalp. Unforgiving branches and leaves scratched her arms as she protected her face. Sweat and blood trickle down her skin. She had a hard time catching her breath.

Up ahead she saw the farmhouse, rundown and abandoned. The place she ran to for safety didn’t look safe at all.

Stopping, she swallowed the bitter frustration that in the dead of nowhere, no one but Vincent Hadler would hear her scream.

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