Thanksgiving~ my favorite time of year because it’s always the start of something new and exciting. Usually in a Nanowrimo sort of way.

However, last November instead of starting a new story, I was feverishly polishing my RWA Golden Heart© entry, Howlin’ Hearts. Boy, what a life-changer that decision became.

When Spring came around, I learned my entry had finaled. Excited, dazed, and more than a little shocked, I made last minute plans to attend RWA-NYC to participate in the the Golden Heart© activities. I should mention, I had never visited NYC, so the trip was one in a lifetime. Although I hope to return to NYC in the future, nothing will beat my inaugural visit coinciding with the elation of being a GH finalist. Plus, I sat next to JILL SHALVIS (mad love for her Lucky Harbor series) at the Ritas and Golden Hearts Award Ceremony, and we cyber-shopped for glasses (before the show) because ours vanished. Mine poofed right off my face. One minute I was wearing them, the next–gone in thin air.

Fan girl moment with Jill Shalvis

Awesomest fan girl moment with Jill Shalvis

If being a GH finalist on a whirlwind tour of NYC and meeting up with my favorite author weren’t enough to be grateful for (although it totally is), a few short weeks before I left for NYC, my GH entry caught the attention of a New York editor, and was contracted for publication. Yep, that’s right. The manuscript I timidly submitted to the GH contest on a wing and a prayer, in a few short months will roll off the presses and into online bookstores, retitled as Awakened by the Wolf. 

So, this November, I’m thankful for the amazing opportunities I’ve had this year, the exciting experiences I’ve shared with family and friends, for wet noses and doggy kisses, and Talenti’s Double Dark Chocolate gelato. Best of all, I’m looking forward to a new year and awesome adventures.

Wishing you and yours ….happythanksgiving





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