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Book 2 in the Wahyas of Walker’s Run series

Releases 3/1/17 .9780373139835-1


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Snippet excerpt:

Testosterone and slew of wolfan hormones stormed Rafe’s veins.

Burning up all his restraint, Rafe stood perfectly still as Grace moved lithely out of the room with her hips sashaying in an erotic sway that beckoned both the man and the wolf.

God, she was pretty. Long, shiny hair the color of corn silk. Bright green eyes that put polished emeralds to shame. Soft golden skin and an athletic body with just the right amount of curves. None of which he should’ve noticed. And yet he had, and more.

She had a ready smile, a kind heart toward people and animals. He liked her spunk more than he should.

And she smelled really good, too.

Another time, another place. Another life. She could’ve been the one.

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